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The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has urged consumers with LG, Solax or Opal solar energy storage batteries to contact the manufacturer immediately, as the batteries are a fire risk and under recall.

The batteries can overheat and catch fire, which could lead to serious injuries, death and property damage.

Consumers should visit and follow the instructions on how to check their serial number so they can determine if their battery has been recalled.

Since October 2019, there have been nine reported incidents involving these types of batteries in Australia resulting in property damage and one injury, and five incidents and one injury reported in the US.

ACCC Deputy Chair, Delia Rickard, said, “We encourage consumers to urgently check if they have an LG, Solax or Opal solar energy storage battery, which is included in the recall by LG. 

“These batteries have already caused injury and fire damage to properties and could lead to serious injuries or death.”

LG has recalled the batteries, but about 6,400 of the recalled batteries have not yet been replaced, and the ACCC is concerned that these consumers may not be aware of the recall and the fire risk. 

Responsible state and territory electricity regulators which regulate electrical safety of products have been working with the ACCC to raise awareness of the LG solar energy battery recall.

“Consumers who identify they have an LG energy storage battery under recall are urged to immediately contact LG to discuss next steps, including a free replacement when available,” Ms Rickard said.

“The affected batteries have also been supplied in solar energy storage systems with brand names other than LG, so it is extremely important to check if you have a battery affected by the recall by checking the serial number on the LG website.”

LG will replace all affected batteries free of charge when replacements are available.

Electrical regulators recommend switching off the battery. If consumers wish to switch off the battery, they should refer to the instruction manual of their energy storage system or contact the installer or manufacturer for advice.

Around 7,200 LG home energy storage batteries were recalled by LG on 25 February 2021. They were installed primarily in LG, SolaX or Opal branded home energy storage systems.

The affected batteries were manufactured between April 2017 and September 2018.

The batteries are installed in homes primarily as part of a solar energy system to capture and store renewable energy.

Affected batteries were supplied by residential solar energy storage system retailers, installers and distributors including: 

  • AGL Energy, Baywa
  • CSR
  • Energy Australia 
  • Krannich Solar 
  • MMEM 
  • One Stop Warehouse 
  • Rheem 
  • Solar Juice 
  • SolaX 
  • Sonepar (as Solar Plus Solutions) 
  • Supply Partners

SolaX separately imported and supplied almost 25 per cent of the affected batteries. After a request from ACCC and electrical regulators, SolaX notified a separate recall for the batteries it supplied. The storage systems supplied by SolaX that may have LG batteries in them are branded SolaX and Opal.

LG has indicated it has taken a number of measures to reduce these risks for consumers (including measures to reduce the maximum state of charge to 75 per cent until the battery is replaced). More information about state of charge reductions on LG’s website or on the recall notice.

For more information consumers can contact LG Energy Solution Australia (phone 1300 677 273 or email or SolaX Power for SolaX or Opal system batteries (email or phone 1300 476 529).

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