For communities and businesses in remote areas, the choices with regard to reliable power sources have traditionally been somewhat limited, but Aggreko’s solar-diesel hybrid package has been designed to change all of that.

Traditionally, these customers would rely on generators powered by fuel sources such as diesel. And while such fuel sources are very reliable, they’re often expensive, and they’re not the best energy choice as far as the environment is concerned.

With decreasing costs in recent years, solar power is rapidly becoming an attractive proposition for remote customers. However, the reality is, it is an intermittent fuel source – night falls or clouds come in, and power is lost. Seasons change and power capacity drops, which means that businesses cannot rely on it as a sole energy source.

Looking for a solution that combined the benefits of diesel and solar, and counteracted the weaknesses of each fuel source, Aggreko developed its solar-diesel hybrid package. Combining solar with diesel-generated modular power to complement, the result delivers the best of both worlds – uninterrupted power 24/7 at an affordable cost.

Battery storage is the third pillar of Aggreko’s offering, and key for a stable and reliable power supply. It strengthens a customer’s grid by buffering the impact of fluctuating power demand and supply; and at the same time, the lifespan of generators is increased, and associated operations and maintenance costs decrease because the generators are run less often and more efficiently.

The hybrid package seamlessly combines solar, diesel and battery storage thanks to a state-of-the-art energy management system, minimising operating costs without compromising on reliability. The result is constant, reliable power around the clock, with significant cost savings – all packaged into a single contract, for customer peace of mind.

Aggreko’s hybrid package is designed to benefit any customer or industry with a power need in locations with limited or no access to permanent power. These include remote communities, and the construction, mining and utilities sectors.

Key benefits

  • Significant cost savings
  • Available, reliable power 24/7
  • A single turnkey contract for solar and diesel
  • No upfront capital outlay

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