Bringing safe, reliable and locally tailored energy solutions to communities is integral to the acceleration of the renewable energy transition, and the introduction of Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) energy storage batteries to
one Australian distributor marks a significant stride towards achieving this goal.

R&J Batteries has welcomed Australia-based Mictronix Power Systems (MPS) to its array of offerings, addressing the surging demand for advanced energy solutions nationwide.

MPS represents innovation in the renewable energy sector, creating quality Australian-made products. Specialising in off-grid solutions, they ensure affordable power is available to those who need it, no matter how remote. The new partnership with MPS means R&J Batteries can now offer LiFePO4 energy storage batteries for renewable energy applications, which were previously missing from their product lineup.

Prioritising safety
LiFePO4 is widely regarded as one of the safest lithium-ion battery chemistries available. Unlike some other lithium-ion chemistries LiFePO4 batteries have a very stable chemical structure that is resistant to overheating and thermal runaway, which are common causes of battery fires.

Additionally, LiFePO4 batteries are incombustible. This means they will not explode or catch fire, even if they are subject to a short circuit, severe impact or puncture. They are less prone to degradation over time compared to other lithium-ion chemistries.

Given the importance of safety, suitability and reliability when it comes to renewable energy applications, it is imperative that Australian customers have access to solutions that meet these criteria.

Aligned values
Justin Skaines, Energy Storage Manager for R&J Batteries, said there was no one size fits all battery solution when it comes to energy storage, with the company focused on offering a range of products that cater to diverse needs.

48V batteries modules installed in a
cabinet. Image/R&J Batteries.

“This country’s incredibly unique geography, climate and environment create a range of technical challenges for energy storage, which is why R&J Batteries is excited to partner with an Australian company that truly understands the needs of the Australian market.

“By partnering with MPS, we’re not only ticking the box of including a dependable brand of LiFePO4 Energy Storage batteries in R&J Batteries portfolio, but we’re taking the opportunity to work alongside an excellent team who share our commitment to excellence in customer service.”

Anthony Micallef, Director of Mictronix Power Systems (MPS), said MPS’ aim is to make the transition to renewable energy as simple and straightforward as possible, and collaborating with R&J Batteries is the next step in achieving that goal.

“LiFePO4 is one of the safest lithium chemistries on the market, and we’ve taken great care to develop a quality product that meets the unique needs of the Australian climate. R&J Batteries’ distribution network offers an exciting opportunity to get this product out to customers and deliver safe, reliable power to those who need it.

“This partnership also allows us to combine expertise between MPS and R&J Batteries to deliver the highest standard of customer service, and we’re delighted to be working alongside a team who align with our values.”

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Featured image: A 48V battery module. Image/R&J Batteries

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