SA wind farm

High-interia synchronous condensers being installed in South Australia are set to allow higher proportions of renewable energy generation and provide critical power system operation services.

The Australian-first system will reduce the role of dispatchable generation for these services.

As the national transmission planner, Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) identified and declared system strength and inertia shortfalls in South Australia.

System strength refers to the ability of the power system to maintain and control the voltage waveform at any given location in the power system, and inertia is a fundamental property of power systems that reduces the rate at which power system frequency changes following a disturbance.

Once the shortfalls were identified, South Australia’s transmission network service provider, ElectraNet, has been working to procure and install four high-inertia synchronous condensers.

AEMO Chief Operations Officer, Michael Gatt, said, “To ensure system strength requirements in South Australia are met on a day-to-day basis, AEMO currently directs gas-fired power stations to dispatch synchronous generation into the market.

“In addition, up to four gas-fired generation units are continually in service to provide system security, supporting the state’s high penetration of non-synchronous generation, wind and rooftop solar PV.”

ElectraNet is now in the process of commissioning the four high-inertia synchronous condensers at Davenport and Robertstown.

Mr Gatt said, “Once the synchronous condensers are commissioned, AEMO will work with ElectraNet to test and monitor the condensers’ performance over several weeks, gradually increasing South Australia’s levels of solar and wind generation by up to 2,500MW.

“This will be a positive outcome for South Australian consumers with access to greater volumes of cost-effective renewable energy.”

Following the testing and successful monitoring, AEMO will transition from the continual operation of four to a minimum of two gas-fired generators to ensure power system security.

In 2020, AEMO declared additional inertia requirements for South Australia and is working through solutions with ElectraNet.

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  1. J B Herbert 3 years ago

    What capacity is each of the 4 synchronous converters?

  2. Ian Thompson 3 years ago

    If I am reading this correctly, South Australia is presently curtailing up to 2.5 GW of renewable power in the interest of maintaining System stability, pending installation and proving of the synchronous condenser roll-out.
    That’s as much or greater than this State’s usual demand!

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