101 new batteries have been installed as part of the South Australian Government’s $100 million Home Battery Scheme and 500 households are still in line for installation.

The participating households have access to grants of up to $6000 each as public interest in the home storage technology grows. The $100 million in State Government subsidy has been matched by up to $100 million in finance from the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, which will provide low-interest loans for the balance of the battery and new solar if required.

SA Minister for Energy and Mining, Dan van Holst Pellekaan, said he was very pleased with the initial response to the government’s Home Battery Scheme subsidies and he expected a further influx of applications as public awareness builds.

“We’re delighted with the high level of interest shown in the Marshall Government’s Home Battery Scheme, which will save hard-working South Australians thousands of dollars on their electricity bills,” said Mr van Holst Pellekaan.

“One hundred and one households now have home batteries installed, with over five hundred more awaiting the installation of their battery.

“We’re seeing growing numbers of consumers take to our website to learn more about batteries, request quotes and, now, accept offers.

“It can take a few months from committing to a battery to having it installed, so we will see strong growth in installation over coming months.”

Under the scheme, launched in late October 2018, 40,000 South Australians can access grants of up to $6000 to help pay for a home battery system.

The scheme has also secured around 900 jobs with three companies committing to manufacture locally – sonnen from Germany, Alpha ESS from China, and Eguana from Canada, and Australian lending company RateSetter who is administering the subsidy and finance, opening an office and innovation hub in the Adelaide CBD.

“Ultimately this scheme will benefit all South Australians, as more home batteries reduce total demand on the network we can look forward to lower prices for all households.”

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