The Tasmanian Government has released a new energy plan, Renewable Energy Coordination Framework in 2022, and a Register of Interest (ROI) to facilitate new energy opportunities across the state is now open. 

The plan is set to put downward pressure on energy prices, increase the supply of reliable and affordable power, and bolster Tasmania’s economy through new jobs and investment.

Renewable Energy Coordination Framework was launched in early 2022 to support the sustainable growth of the sector over the next 20 years to reach the state’s 2040 Tasmanian Renewable Energy Target (TRET) of 200 per cent renewable electricity.

Under the framework, a ROI process has been implemented to facilitate new opportunities such as green hydrogen and green manufacturing and identify a pipeline of renewable energy development opportunities across the State.

The ROI is now open for new renewable energy and energy intensive load projects.

Proponents of renewable electricity generation projects (including offshore developments) of 10MW or greater, or existing and new industries/businesses who require electrical loads of 1MW or greater, are now able to ‘register their interest’ to join the electricity network in Tasmania.

The details provided through the ROI process will enable a comprehensive profile of the project development pipeline for renewables in Tasmania. 

The information will be used to inform the build out and implementation of Tasmania’s first Renewable Energy Zone later in 2022 and support the matching of new generation and load growth to achieve a renewable energy future for the state. 

The ROI is available on the Renewables, Climate and Future Industries Tasmania (ReCFIT) website here

Interested parties must register their interest by 12 July 2022.

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