ACT energy provider Evoenergy is launching its Ginninderry Residential Battery Trial, which will provide subsidised residential batteries for up to 75 homes in Ginninderry in Stage 1A.

The project has been designed to explore how small-scale solar and batteries interact with local electrical infrastructure in areas of 100 percent solar uptake.

Through the trial, Evoenergy will work with participants to analyse solar and battery usage patterns so that it can identify and test optimal battery charge and discharge times, to alleviate network congestion during peak demand periods. 

Evoenergy will also be trialling a new cost-reflective tariff that provides participants with more control over their cost of electricity, and helps support the local electricity grid.

The ACT Government provided a $250,000 grant for the project under its Renewable Energy Innovation Fund.

Evoenergy’s Strategy and Operations Manager, Leylann Hinch said, “In recent times, we’ve seen a rapid increase in the number of solar and batteries connected to our electricity network, which has changed the way energy flows.

“This presents network safety and reliability challenges which we’re working through, but we also recognise the great benefits that come when Canberrans have flexibility and control over the generation and use of their own renewable energy.

“We know Canberrans want innovative, sustainable and low-cost energy solutions, so rather than build more poles and wires, we’re focusing on a more proactive, responsive and flexible approach to balancing electricity supply and demand, while we continue to enable the integration of renewable energy.

“This project will help build our knowledge about localised demand management, and play an important role in evolving our demand management approach.”

Registrations for Evoenergy’s Ginninderry Residential Battery Trial are expected to open in October 2020. 

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