Axcentium and Ahurei are set to begin trialling a new technology which captures water from the atmosphere in arid environments, in a step towards an off grid renewable hydrogen project trial in Tennant Creek, Northern Territory. 

The Aqua AeremTM technology provides an innovative approach to secure a sustainable water supply, which is an essential in the development of renewable hydrogen and will be particularly valuable in arid areas.

The trial will be located in Tennant Creek for 12 weeks to collect local production data for further optimisation of the water capture process.

The Northern Territory Government said it supports trials of hydrogen technology in the territory and is keen to champion renewable hydrogen investment as part of the territory’s transition to renewables.

The government’s Northern Territory Renewable Hydrogen Strategy outlines the territory’s competitive advantages and how the territory will leverage these advantages to be a centre of hydrogen technology research, production and use in Australia.

Water is a precious resource and a sustainable water source is critical to development of renewable hydrogen projects in the territory.

This technology provides an innovative solution for securing a sustainable water source for the production of renewable hydrogen in Tennant Creek.

This trial is the first stage of a pilot renewable hydrogen project that will ultimately produce renewable hydrogen for Territory Generation’s Tennant Creek Power Station to generate green energy as part of the electricity mix for the Tennant Creek community.

Tennant Creek’s high solar irradiance makes it an excellent location for renewable hydrogen production.

Northern Territory Minister for Renewables and Energy, Eva Lawler, said, “In 2020, the Northern Territory Government launched the territory’s first ever Renewable Hydrogen Strategy, bringing the NT to the forefront of the developing renewable hydrogen industry with large areas of land with high solar irradiance, close proximity to export markets.

“As renewable hydrogen technologies are continuously evolving, having innovative trials like this one in the Territory will be essential to ensure the Territory remains at the forefront of the renewable hydrogen industry.

“The Aqua Aerem renewable hydrogen project supports the Territory Government’s vision to achieve zero net emissions by 2050.

“We are building a strong and diverse economy and there are significant opportunities for clean energy production and use.”

Co-founder of Aqua Aerem, Gerard Reiter, said, “Aqua Aerem (the result of a joint venture between Axcentium-Ahurei) has been delighted to receive the support of the Northern Territory Government and Territory Generation in developing a world first off grid renewable hydrogen project to this significant milestone. 

“Aqua Aerem’s™ patented water capture technology demonstrated today when combined with electrolysers has the potential to allow the Northern Territory to realise it’s 2050 carbon emission targets through the use of green hydrogen, whilst creating a future lucrative export market in renewable energy. 

“In Australia and abroad, Aqua Aerem™ is seeking to provide water to drought affected and water stressed communities and future developments are targeted at remote mining and agricultural applications.”

The Northern Territory Government is investing in a number of renewable projects such as the procurement of the Darwin to Katherine 35MW Big Battery, the release of the draft Electricity Market Priority Reform papers, Suncable project and its Home and Business Battery Scheme.

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