The Queensland Government has announced a Cooler Cleaner Schools Program (CCSP), a four-year $477 million package to air condition state schools using solar energy.

The CCSP, which aims to ensure all Queensland state schools are air conditioned by the end of June 2022, will also provide an additional $71 million over three years to create a virtual solar farm on state school rooftops.

The Queensland Government will install more than 190,000 solar panels on school roof tops to power the additional air conditioners across the state. 

Queensland Education Minister, Grace Grace, said, “Through the Cooler Cleaner Schools Program, we are providing a boost to our existing solar program.

“We want to ensure the energy needs associated with installing these new air-conditioning units will be offset by cleaner, greener electricity generation.

“To do this, an additional 80,000 solar panels will be installed on Queensland schools, generating an extra 26MW of power.”

Ms Grace said state schools are some of the biggest energy users in Queensland.

“That is why we have already invested $97 million toward the Advancing Clean Energy Schools Program to install 110,000 solar panels as well as thousands of other energy saving devices like light sensors and timers.

“Already, solar panels have been installed at 120 Queensland state schools during phase one of the rollout, with two more phases scheduled in the coming years.

“That means in total, more than 190,000 solar panels will sit atop Queensland state schools.”

Ms Grace said it was important to address energy costs as the Palaszczuk Government continues to build more schools, more classrooms and more learning centres into the future.

“This year alone we built eight new schools and delivered 71 new buildings under our 2020 Ready program.

“We are continuing our record investment in education because we know that means a brighter future for Queensland.”

For more information about the Cooler Cleaner Schools Program or the Advancing Clean Energy Schools Program, click here.

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