Energy, Renewables and Hydrogen Minister Mick de Brenni has criticised the LNP’s latest announcement to bring nuclear energy to Queensland, saying that it would not be welcome by the public. 

“Queenslanders have emphatically rejected nuclear power time and time again and today’s revelation flies in the face of every state and territory’s nuclear ban,” Mr de Brenni said.

“Inner city Liberals are pushing renewables, Nationals are nuclear and the result is the lack of a coherent national energy policy.

“Manufacturing and resources companies are investing in cheaper, cleaner energy to grow jobs in Queensland by investing in renewables, not old fashioned, dangerous options.

“Queensland’s renewable energy zones have been flooded with enough interest to create 60,000 megawatts of extra clean energy, which could create up to 57,000 jobs in construction alone, let alone the influx of load intensive manufacturing jobs.

“And we have the youngest fleet of coal-fired power stations.

“This ongoing investment in large-scale renewable energy is only happening because of Queensland’s very clear energy policy.

“What regional Queensland needs is an Australian government that is united on growing manufacturing and delivering cleaner, cheaper, energy.

“Not a Government that is tearing itself apart and proposing antiquated solutions.”

Mr de Brenni said the Queensland Opposition Leader should immediately reject the calls and ask his party for a coherent energy policy.

“He should call his Queensland federal colleagues today to put an end to calls to bring nuclear energy to Queensland,” Mr de Brenni said.

“Any decision to overturn the Australian ban on nuclear by the LNP has the potential to kill off Queensland’s chance to onshore manufacturing and the Palaszczuk Government’s plans to develop a clean, renewable hydrogen sector and thousands of renewable jobs.”

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  1. Ron 3 years ago

    Sorry, Mr de Brenni is out of touch with reality. Manufacturing can not survive on Renewable Energy due to the amount of energy used and the lack of reliable supply from renewables. As for Cheaper Energy, take away the Tax Payers Government Subsidises and see how cheap it is. The out dated information he obviously refers to on Nuclear as dangerous is probably 50years old and the design of Nuclear Power Generation has changed over that time and is a safe option that should be considered. Another question to be answered is the disposal of all of the Renewable Energy Components one they have reached there end of life. Wind Turbine Blades are not a recyclable material, the toxic material used in the manufacture of Sola Panels is not recyclable. Then there is the Lithium issue which is carconegenic to dispose of. Do you bury this to leach into the water table, I hope not.

  2. Dallas 3 years ago

    Personally, I do not understand WHY we do NOT go nuclear in this country.
    Lets burn more and more coal, dig massive holes in the ground to get it.
    But lets ignore nuclear (whilst we export it).

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