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Energy Networks Australia has stressed that in these unprecedented times of uncertainty, it is crucial that preventative maintenance continue throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

The industry body highlighted that these works were essential to protect lives, prevent damage to properties and keep the power on for the future.

Energy Networks Australia released a video explaining why the critical maintenance of planned outages is needed to ensure customers continue to receive a reliable supply of energy, even if it means temporarily interrupting the supply of electricity or gas so the work can be done safely and efficiently.

Energy Networks Australia CEO, Andrew Dillon, said networks recognised planned outages caused inconvenience, particularly given the current crisis, but the work that was being undertaken was absolutely essential to ensure a safe and secure energy system.

“We understand many customers are working from home during this unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, however, to ensure you are able to continue to have power for weeks to come, critical maintenance must continue,” Mr Dillon said.

“It is likely that restrictions relating to COVID-19 will continue for several months. Networks are doing everything they can to minimise disruption while these urgent works are undertaken.

“For some critical work, power will be disrupted for a few hours. This is designed to avoid potentially catastrophic faults that could cause long term outages and put customer safety at risk.

“Please respect the crews performing these works, they are doing so to protect you and your families and ensure the safe and reliable supply of energy.”

Mr Dillon said energy networks were taking steps to minimise disruptions and ensure critical infrastructure, such as hospitals, have secure supplies.

“We ask for your patience as networks continue to carry out critical works.”

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