The concept designs for Transgrid’s Powering Sydney’s Future project are in their final stages with the company preparing to seek community feedback for the proposal.

The project is about securing a reliable, safe and economical electricity supply to Inner Sydney.

The project will provide a crucial underground transmission circuit between substations in Potts Hill and Alexandria, and connection for a second circuit to meet future demand.

The Inner Sydney network is intricate and supplies electricity to more than 500,000 customers in the biggest city in Australia.

Powering Sydney’s Future is a response to aging aspects of this network and increasing demand in a growing Sydney – particularly new infrastructure projects such as the Sydney Light Rail, Westconnex and Sydney Metro.

Transgrid has refined the concept design for the project, tested the feasibility of the preferred route and has continued to engage with stakeholders.

Subject to the Australian Energy Regulator’s approval of itsRegulatory submission, in the coming months the company will step up this engagement and will be out speaking to affected communities along the route seeking feedback on the proposal.

This feedback will help with the preparation of an Environmental Impact Statement for the project which will be published for public comment in late 2018.  

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