Energy Queensland is partnering with global energy-tech company GreenSync to create Australia’s biggest ‘virtual power plant’.


Treasurer, Curtis Pitt, said the virtual power plant was a cloud-based, load control system created to manage extreme electricity demand during severe temperature events.


“This virtual power plant system will have a positive impact on the affordability, reliability and sustainability of electricity supply during these severe events,” Mr Pitt said.


“This partnership creates a real view to putting downward pressure on the cost of electricity for customers, with a particular focus on helping businesses manage their input costs.


“In doing this, Energy Queensland is helping make businesses more competitive while also stimulating the economy.


“The virtual power plant will make a difference to everyday Queenslanders through helping to reduce market volatility and, ultimately, energy prices.


“The partnership will also actively create new jobs in Queensland, specifically in regional Queensland with up to ten new roles being formed in Townsville for this initiative.


“The deployment of this technology over the coming months and years is also going to require a significant workforce for installation with the majority of work being completed by local, regional small businesses and Energy Queensland’s internal labour force where applicable.”


Energy Queensland’s executive general manager for Energy Services, Charles Rattray, said the long-term partnership between Energy Queensland and GreenSync would allow Energy Services to innovate and deliver the best possible solutions for customers.


“Energy Queensland’s Energy Services division was launched to lead new technology deployment to focus on putting downward pressure on costs for customers, improving security of supply and facilitating the uptake of renewable energy sources,” Mr Rattray said.


“We are seeking to manufacture some of the hardware required to deliver this new technology right here in Queensland.


“Under this partnership, we are enrolling customers into the virtual power plant platform ahead of peak summer demand.


“This innovative approach will also increase network resilience through increased automation and speed of response, grouping assets as portfolios to react to challenges and seize opportunities.”


GreenSync CEO, Phil Blythe, said it was great to see Energy Queensland looking to technology to create innovative solutions for distributed energy across Queensland.


“The application of GreenSync’s technology is going underpin the broader strategy for Energy Queensland and set the foundation for their energy future,” Mr Blythe said.


“This is a significant project for the people of Queensland and we’re thrilled to be working with Energy Services. With the rise of solar and battery storage, this partnership is going to better harness distributed energy resources and deliver increased benefits for the community and the grid as a whole.”

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