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The best thought leaders, innovators and disruptors from Australia’s energy sector are set to converge on the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre for Enlit Australia’s Leadership Summit and Expo later this month. 

This summit is all about disrupting the current conversations around Australia’s energy transition. 

For two days, Enlit will bring together key players from the energy sector, including corporates, consumers, policymakers, investors, entrepreneurs, engineers and activists.  

Transcending the usual ‘show-and-tell’ format of other energy conferences, the 2023 Summit will not shy away from the hard truths and will facilitate real, practical conversations about the  transition. 

With an impressive line-up of speakers, including leaders from CSIRO, Siemens, Clean Energy Council, Origin Energy, Western Power, Arup, AGIG, Schneider Electric and more, Enlit will tackle head on the contentious issues in Australian energy right now and seek to find solutions. 

Enlit understands that transitioning to renewables and reaching net-zero by 2050 is not easy. It requires the type of collaboration along the energy chain that will enable key players to collectively problem solve at conferences like Enlit. 

While the rest of the world has been transitioning, Australia has been stagnated by over a decade of climate inaction and complacency. Now that Australia is playing catchup, Enlit are seeking to light the spark that will fuel the acceleration towards net-zero. 

The transition pathway to net zero emissions is inherently uncertain. Policy decisions and sector action must allow scope for adaptation to new information, and for different decarbonisation pathways to emerge as their relative economic and technical feasibility becomes clearer over time. Recent experience has taught us that the cost and technical feasibility of various technologies will change, possibly dramatically, as will investment trends, social licence, and consumer preferences. 

The challenge often lies in getting the right people, in the right room, at the right time. Long term success depends on identifying the practical measures, or a combination of actions and changes, which will enable Australia to meet its emissions reductions targets and position the country for a long term, zero carbon future. 

Enlit knows that the transition can no longer be bogged down by disingenuous promises that are often made at conferences as a form of virtual signalling from corporates or government. 

That’s why the conference has been split into four important streams designed to produce real conversations and real solutions about the different pathways and technology options available in the sector. Options provide diversity in energy distribution channels, creating economic resilience during or following unforeseen external events, as well as in the case of emerging technology like renewable hydrogen, offering the potential for significant export-led growth. 

Accordingly, the role of the customer, the transition of the grid, and the respective roles of hydrogen and electrification will be discussed over two days of keynotes and panels. All four topics are crucial components of the transition. 

More specifically, the programme will touch on what the transition involves, how we will get there, who it will affect, how do we ensure industries and workers are not left behind, who’s leading the charge, what types of energy source are available and what we need from government. 

Over the course of the two days, we’ll also hear of practical case studies where a transition has occurred, albeit on a local level. Examples will include unpacking the Latrobe Valley’s transition out of coal while ensuring the livelihoods of regional towns, or the Australian Gas Infrastructure Group’s introduction of a renewable hydrogen blend to customers on the existing gas network at the Tonsley Innovation District in South Australia, an Australian first. 

Due to our delayed start, Australia’s transition needs disruptors that will keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.  

With moderators like former ABC Melbourne presenter Jon Faine, there is sure to be some lively debate that could help shape the transition in 2023. 

Enlit will take place on March 22 and 23 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, and registrations are still open. 

For more information on the event, click here.

This sponsored editorial was brought to you by Enlit. To find out more about Enlit and their inclusive guide to the energy transition visit https://www.enlit-australia.com/

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