Western Australia’s farming region of Esperance is gradually going off the grid, with 19 farming properties completing standalone power system (SPS) units in the region, part of Horizon Power, and partner Boundary Power’s $10 million rollout, funded by the State Government. 

The SPS rollout is funded by the Western Australian Government’s WA Recovery Plan, and has already resulted in several commercial farms going off grid in Beaumont and Mount Ney.

They are the first of 45 SPS units to be installed in the area, with the other 26 to be operational by March 2022.

The units are powered by solar panels and battery storage, and include back-up diesel generation, which deliver safer, cleaner, and more reliable power.

Each one can be remotely monitored and controlled, with maintenance conducted by local crews.

The 45 units will allow 120km of poles and wires to be removed from private paddocks in the region.

The Western Australian Government made an election commitment to deliver 1,000 standalone power systems over five years across the regions and remote Aboriginal communities.

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