Continuing the Federal Government’s war on energy prices, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has said he is open to the idea of nuclear power, if the price is right.

When questioned by broadcaster Alan Jones on his position on nuclear energy and his commitment to cheap energy, Prime Minister Morrison said, “If I thought this (nuclear energy) was going to have a big impact on Australia’s electricity prices, I would do what was necessary to bring prices down.

“The issue is that the investment doesn’t stack up currently.”

Mr Morrison went on to praise the battery storage and pumped hydro projects taking place in Tasmania to support the east coast.

“(Tasmanian Premier) Will Hodgman has a plan to double capacity and put an interconnector between Tasmania and the mainland – that will double what Tasmania does in terms of reliable, fair dinkum power, coming into the energy markets on the east coast of Australia.

“Tasmania is the capital of hydro in Australia and can be the nation’s battery.”

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