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In continuing its investment in renewable hydrogen, the Northern Territory Government has released a new plan that is expected to generate over $3.7 billion for the territory.

The Renewable Hydrogen Masterplan aims to capitalise on the Northern Territory’s resources, such as its large areas of land, high solar irradiance, close proximity to export markets, and an established energy production and export industry.

The emerging hydrogen sector in the Northern Territory aims to emulate the existing export liquified natural gas (LNG) market, and create more jobs in the territory.

Northern Territory Minister for Renewables and Energy, Eva Lawler, said, “Our Masterplan explores opportunities to decarbonise our regional and remote areas using emerging hydrogen technologies, and I look forward to the results of the recent trial at Territory Generation’s Tennant Creek power station by Aqua Aerem that captures water from the atmosphere, providing a sustainable water supply needed for renewable hydrogen.”

Renewable hydrogen presents a significant opportunity to simultaneously drive emissions reductions and economic growth by:

  • Extracting value from solar energy
  • Meeting growing global demand for clean, green energy and greenhouse gas emissions reduction
  • Diversifying the territory’s economy

The Masterplan charts a pathway for the Northern Territory Government to accelerate the development of a renewable hydrogen industry and outlines the enabling activities needed to secure private sector investment, including: 

  1.   Demonstration phase: The Government is currently working with proponents to progress research and trials.
  2.   Targeted application: The second phase will see the development of hydrogen production and end-use technologies.
  3.   Large-scale production for export: The final stage will see production and use technologies sufficiently developed so they are cost-competitive.

The Northern Territory Government recently released the Darwin–Katherine Electricity System Plan, which highlights the development of a renewable hydrogen industry supporting the Territory’s target of 50 per cent renewables by 2030 and commitment to net-zero emissions by 2050.

To view the Hydrogen Masterplan visit: https://territoryrenewableenergy.nt.gov.au/.


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