Approval has been granted to Tamboran resources for its Environemtal Management Plan (EMP) for exploration and drilling works on up to 15 natural gas wells in the Beetaloo Sub-basin.  

The EMP includes the construction of up to four exploration and appraisal areas, and has undergone robust and stringent assessment by the Department of Environment, Parks and Water Security, with the independent NT EPA determining the proposed activities did not meet the threshold for an environment impact assessment, in line with legislative and regulatory requirements. 

Tamboran has also committed to an emissions management regime that is consistent with the Northern Territory Government’s net zero by 2050 target, in line with Territory and Federal Government requirements through its Greenhouse Gas Abatement Plan as part of its EMP. 

The Northern Territory Government has said that supporting the gas industry to grow and provide work opportunities to Territorians is another way it is getting the territory working. 

Gas extracted from the Beetaloo Sub-Basin has the potential to support 13,000 jobs by 2040 and increase the Northern Territory’s economic activity by $17 billion. 

The Northern Territory Government is backing the expansion of the territory gas industry by investing $2 million each year in the 2024 Budget to conduct a regional monitoring program in the Beetaloo Sub-Basin. 

The state government also said that the monitoring program will ensure the government has the strongest environmental safeguards and will build on the baseline data already collected through the Beetaloo SREBA. 

Northern Territory Chief Minister, Eva Lawler, said that the Territory Government is backing the industries that get the Territory working.  

“That’s why my government is supporting the on-shore gas industry,” Ms Lawler said.  

“This environmental approval is another critical step in getting natural gas flowing from the Beetaloo – and it ensures strong safeguards while providing confidence and certainty to industry.  

“My common sense plan will make sure that the benefits from Territory gas are spread right across the Territory, with residents and local businesses set to benefit for years to come.” 

Northern Territory Minister for Mining, Mark Monaghan, said that Territorians will be the first to benefit from the untapped resources in the Beetaloo Basin, additionally the Northern Territory will be a key player in delivering natural gas to the nation and most likely the world when the Beetaloo comes online. 

“The Territory Government congratulates Tamboran on the conditional approval of their environment management plan and we look forward to seeing this project and industry as a whole progress,” Mr Monaghan said.  

“The Beetaloo Basin is significant for the Territory’s economy and will secure thousands of jobs for the next 15 years and will be pivotal in the world’s transition to a cleaner, greener future.” 

Northern Territory Minister for the Environment, Climate Change and Water Security, Kate Worden, said that the Beetaloo Basin is a vital part of growing the territory’s economy to $40 billion by 2030 and creating thousands of jobs for Territorians over the next 15 years.  

“Our government has put in place a number of measures to ensure this can be done safely,” Ms Worden said.  

“There are stringent processes all projects must go through to ensure gas is extracted in an environmentally safe way. Tamboran’s environment management plan has met this criteria. 

“We have implemented a monitoring program that will be in place to along with strong environmental regulations for gas in the Beetaloo Basin.” 

Tamboran Resources Managing Director and CEO, Joel Riddle, said that the company is delighted to have received approval for its EMP.  

“Tamboran’s EMP secures approval for the drilling of our next 15 wells, which are required to deliver critical gas supply and energy security to Territorians,” Mr Riddle said.  

“We look forward working closely with all stakeholders in delivering our Beetaloo Basin development plan under the Northern Territory Government’s robust assessment guidelines.” 

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