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Nexsphere intends to develop a multi-billion-dollar offshore wind project in the Bass Strait region of Tasmania to boost renewable generation.

The Bass Offshore Wind Energy Project (BOWE) is set to make use of the opportunities offered by the offshore wind resource in the Bass Strait.

BOWE aims to provide and foster job creation and education, and massively boost spending in the local and Tasmanian economies during its 40-plus year life.

The BOWE wind farm will generate between 500 and 1,000MW of renewable energy, enough to power over 325,000 homes, and will assist in meeting Tasmania’s 200 per cent renewables target by 2040.

Stage one of the project will comprise around 35 turbines “over the horizon” in Bass Strait, minimising their visual impact to the point where they cannot be seen from land.

Nexsphere CEO, Glen Kierse, said, “We’re committed to developing BOWE for the benefit of Tasmania. It will provide enormous long-term employment and investment opportunities and deliver significant growth for the state.

“BOWE will provide a major economic boost to northern Tasmania that includes ongoing construction and operations jobs, a corporate headquarters, research opportunities and marine engineering roles.

“The strength of offshore wind in Bass Strait is well known. Globally, offshore wind is a significant and growing part of the future for renewable energy. 

“With BOWE, Tasmania can deliver major green energy solutions to its people and businesses – including hydrogen generation – as well as position itself to export green energy to the mainland.”

According to Mr Kierse, the project will be a key driver in helping Australia achieve a net carbon neutral position.

“Renewable energy and climate goals are taking priority overseas, and it’s an inevitable next step in Australia as well, especially as there is an increasing shift in the Australian psyche that is seeking action on climate change,” Mr Kierse said.

“With this in mind, BOWE will drive the discussion around green energy, and ultimately play a big role in helping Australia reach a net carbon neutral target in the foreseeable future.”

Nexsphere will seek to engage with local Tasmanian communities and businesses during the design, licensing, construction, and operation phases of the BOWE project. 

The Nexsphere team is working closely with the Tasmanian Government to ensure the project aligns with the proposed Battery of the Nation and Marinus Link Projects, as well as other broader government policies and programs. 

In addition, BOWE’s green energy will be available for the Bell Bay Hydrogen Hub.

BOWE will progress through the licensing process as set out in the recently released Offshore Electricity Infrastructure Bill 2021. Subject to necessary approvals, BOWE is expected to come online from 2026.

With BOWE, Tasmania will lead the nation in delivering green energy solutions that will help Australia reach and exceed its emissions reduction targets.

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