Energy-infrastructure company, Jemena, has announced a new gas transportation contract for the $800 million Northern Gas Pipeline (NGP), with resources from the Northern Territory to heavily support Australian business and industry.

The new agreements will see Jemena partner with Incitec Pivot Limited (IPL) to transport at least 32 TJs of gas per day.

Jemena’s agreement with IPL is in addition to its 2015 agreement with the Northern Territory’s Power and Water Corporation to transport 31 TJs of gas to IPL’s Phosphate Hill facility for 10 years.

Jemena’s Acting Managing Director, Antoon Boey, said gas from the new agreement will supply Incitec’s Gibson Island facility in Queensland.

“The announcement reinforces the leading role the Territory’s gas industry can play in creating and sustaining jobs in northern Australia,” Mr Boey said.

Mr Boey said the new agreement with IPL will see the manufacturer access an additional 32 TJs of gas per day from the expected commencement of the NGP’s commercial operations in December 2018 to 31 December 2019, with an option for extension.

“We have had a fantastic relationship with IPL, and are thrilled this additional gas will support IPL’s operations on Gibson Island, which employs a workforce of over 400 staff during normal operation and up to 800 staff during peak periods.

“This gas gives much-needed certainty to Incitec, and is a positive for the people relying on the Gibson Island facility, who will benefit not only from jobs which rely on gas as a direct feedstock, but from the flow-on effects of having a vibrant local economy and industry,” Mr Boey said.

The announcement means Jemena has contracted volume on the NGP to 70 per cent  of what will be its total available capacity in year one of its operations.

“Discussions with other parties are also well advanced, and we remain confident that NGP will be fully contracted by the time it is operational later this year,” said Mr Boey.

He said the NGP’s construction continued to track to schedule, with first gas to flow late this year.

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