New standards for electrical equipment for coal mines have recently been published by the joint Australian and New Zealand technical committee of Standards Australia, featuring important guidance for life saving gas detection equipment.

AS/NZS 2290.3:2018, Electrical equipment for coal mines – Introduction, inspection and maintenance, Part 3: Gas detecting and monitoring equipment will be an important resource for the industry going forward.

“The primary emphasis of this standard is the safety of coal miners, by providing guidance on the use of gas detection equipment in mines,” said Dr Bronwyn Evans, CEO of Standards Australia.

“The Pike River Mine disaster of 2010 is one of the many devastating examples why continued standards development is so important.

“Among the changes in this edition of the standard, is a new requirement for routinely measuring the response time of installed gas detection systems. This requirement is what makes this standard a world-leading safety document.”

“Methane is a naturally present hazard in coal mines and so is understandably a clear focus for safety systems in a mine.,” said Dr Ian Webster, Chair of the Technical Committee of Standards Australia responsible for the standard. “The committee specifically made accurate, reliable and timely measurement of methane gas a clear objective in progressing this standard.

“The introduction of the telemetry test is another innovation in this standard – this ensures that gas concentrations are not only measured, but that subsequent mitigating actions are reliably executed.”

“The guidance provided by this standard is aimed at the devices which save lives in coal mines. Safety improvements of this nature are the reason Standards Australia takes great pride in working with industry, government, trade unions, and the general public to deliver this type of project,” Dr Evans said.

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