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Powershop Australia has released a new report into how Australian consumers are preparing to manage their energy bills this summer. 

The research found that 80 per cent of respondents are concerned about how much their energy bills might cost as their usage increases during the summer months. 

The research also found that 52 per cent of respondents are already considering putting money aside to pay for their summer energy bills, although 87 per cent of respondents identified their energy provider does not send them an estimate of their next bill, impacting their ability to prepare for it financially.

Interim CEO of Powershop Australia, Catherine Anderson, said Powershop conducted the research to get an idea of how Australian energy consumers react to summer energy bill changes.

The Summer Bills research also found: 

  • 58 per cent of respondents use tricks to keep their power bills low. Top tricks include: keep the house dark and blinds down during the day, turn appliances off at the wall and use appliances during off-peak times. 
  • 56 per cent of respondents say they are considering using their cooling system less or not using it at all this summer to keep bills down. 
  • Only 6 per cent of respondents say they haven’t used any of the common tricks and tips to keep their energy bills low over summer. 

Canstar Blue Editor, Simon Downes, believes the best way to save money on your energy bills is to compare plans and find a better deal, while considering providers that make it easy to monitor and understand your usage. 

“Understanding how much energy you’re using and where that usage is coming from is crucial to keeping summer power costs under control, but ultimately you also need to be getting a good deal in the first place, otherwise you’re still paying too much. It’s all about finding a provider that offers great value and service, while giving you the tools you need to make better, more conscious decisions about your energy consumption,” Mr Downes said. 

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