Featured image: Nyaninyuk Hero shot. Image courtesy of AccionaEnergia

A new 330MW wind farm has been proposed in regional Nyaninuk, Victoria, by Acciona Energia. 

The proposed plan includes the construction of 58 wind turbines which would generate 330MW of renewable energy in areas of Western Victoria, which is the equivalent of providing 210,000 homes with power annually. The plan also creates 200 new construction jobs for those around Ballarat. 

The Nyaninyuk Wind Farm project is set to have community benefits, such as the employment of 200 jobs throughout the construction process and ten on-going permanent roles during operations as well as the ACCIONA Energia Community Benefit Program helping to shape the program around community needs. 

Acciona Energia Spokesperson, Melanie Sutton said, “After several years of planning we’re happy we can start sharing more granular detail about the project with the community.”

The project, named in the local language of the Dja Dja Wurrung people for Mt Beckworth, would be a $700 million investment into the area creating long term jobs and career opportunities for the local community and is planned to be submitted for EES referral in late 2023 with the consultation process to follow in 2024. 

“We have a long history developing projects in Victoria and understand the landscape well. What we want to do now is engage with the community early so we can gather initial impressions,” Ms Sutton said. 

“At this early stage, consultation timelines will continue to evolve. The EES phase is a long and thorough process to engage with everyone formally to collect feedback.”

Featured image: Nyaninyuk Hero shot. Image courtesy of AccionaEnergia

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