People can now track when their electrician will arrive to install their new electricity meter via their smartphone and then rate the job, through a new online tool that’s helping to improve meter installation rates across Australia.

Tech Tracker was developed by smart metering and data intelligence business Intellihub, to provide a better customer experience for households as smart meter deployments ramp up on the back rising rooftop solar adoption and home renovations.

Almost 10,000 households across Australia and New Zealand are now using the online tool each month. 

Early feedback and results show that the Tech Tracker has reduced access issues for meter technicians, improved meter install completion rates and increased customer satisfaction.

Customers more prepared for meter techs

Tech Tracker is purpose built for smart phones and provides customers with information on how to prepare for their upcoming meter installation. This can include steps to ensure clear access for meter technicians and tips to reduce potential safety issues.

Customers are provided with the date and time of the meter installation, and they can request a change to suit their schedule. Reminder notices are sent prior to the technician’s arrival and customers can see who will be performing the work and track their exact location and expected arrival time.

Photos are sent in by the technician to confirm the job has been completed and customers can then rate the work that has been performed – helping us to continually improve our service on behalf of our retail customers.

Driving better customer service and installation rates

Already Tech Tracker has helped to improve installation rates by almost ten per cent, with non-completions due to access issues down by almost twice that number. Importantly, customer satisfaction rates are sitting at around 98 per cent.

Tech Tracker was the brainchild of Intellihub’s Head of Customer Success, Carla Adolfo. 

Ms Adolfo has a background in intelligent transport systems and was tasked with taking a digital first approach to customer service when work began on the tool about two years ago.

“The next stage is to allow customers to select their preferred installation date and time with a self-service booking tool,” Ms Adolfo said.

“We have plans to keep improving as part of our digitisation of the metering journey. 

“About 80 percent of our retail customers are now using the Tech Tracker, so that’s another good sign that they’re satisficed and that it’s helping them to provide a better experience for their customers.”

Smart meters unlock value in two-sided energy markets

Smart meters are playing an increasing role in the rapid transition to energy systems across Australia and New Zealand. 

The Intellihub smart meter provides near real time consumption data for energy and water businesses, which is an essential part of the data management and billing process.

They now also include high speed communications links and wave form capture, including edge computing platforms that make the meter Distributed Energy Resource (DER) ready, with multi-radio connectivity and Internet of Things (IoT) device management. It provides a connectivity pathways for third party devices via the cloud or directly through the meter. 

This sort of functionality is unlocking benefits for energy companies and their customers as behind the meter resources like rooftop solar, battery storage, electric vehicles, and other demand response technologies become more popular.

About Intellihub

The Intellihub Group is a large Australian and New Zealand based utility services company that delivers innovative metering and data solutions that maximise digital and new energy services.

It is an experienced and leading provider of multi-utility services across electricity, gas and water networks for residential, commercial and industrial, embedded network and solar metering customers.

It specialises in asset management, installation, financing, and the day-to-day operations of smart meters, managing more than 1.2 million advanced smart meters, with a significant committed deployment pipeline.

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