Curtin University's Western Australian School of Mines campus in Karlgoorlie

Curtin University has unveiled a new institute for the training and support of renewable energy workers and the development of new technology, to be led by inaugural Director, Professor Claus Otto.

The Curtin Institute for Energy Transition will bring together experts from a wide array of schools and faculties to conduct multi-disciplinary research and outreach activities to support the energy transition and embrace sources such as wind, solar, ocean, geothermal and bioenergy.

The Curtin Institute for Energy Transition will be hosted by the Western Australian School of Mines: Minerals, Energy and Chemical Engineering at Curtin University’s Karlgoorlie campus.

Professor Otto said transitioning towards clean and sustainable energy is one of humanity’s greatest challenges and the new Institute is committed to supporting this change to ensure a better, more sustainable future for all.

“Becoming sustainable requires more than replacing combustion engines with batteries. It means living together differently, and our role is to figure out what this different reality looks like, and to help create it,” Prof Otto said.

“To ensure the transition to sustainable energy remains at the forefront, we need to generate new questions and answers to challenge what we think we know about sustainable energy.

“Our team at the Curtin Institute for Energy Transition is committed to finding innovative solutions to tackle this problem through research, teaching and community outreach.”

Professor Otto said the Institute will not only provide a shared platform for research, learning and teaching, but it will also challenge and educate future energy leaders who are trying to make breakthroughs in this space.

“Conducting research is important, but we also need to train future leaders and educate the community about their role in the energy transition,” Prof Otto said.

“With the goal of empowering people to be part of the new energy future and a new way of living, the Institute brings together artists and writers, biologists and geologists, engineers and physicists, and philosophers and social scientists – to learn from each other and look at energy in a new way.”

Feature Image: The new institute is based at Curtin University’s School of Mines in Kalgoorlie, WA. Photo: Curtin University.

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