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The location of Tasmania’s first power station in Waddamana is now the host of a new Electric Vehicle (EV) charger, filling an existing gap for EV motorists driving between the Bothwell/Kempton area in the south and the state’s north. 

In a move that unites the past, present and future, Hydro Tasmania’s CEO, Ian Brooksbank, unveiled the new EV charger at the historic Central Highlands village, which is expected to attract more visitors to the area to enjoy the Waddamana heritage experience. 

Mr Brooksbank said the EV charger – supplied by Hobart-based renewable power company I Want Energy – will be free to use and available during the site’s opening hours.  

“Hydro Tasmania is proud to launch this EV charging station open to the public, supporting greater uptake of the technology to helping reduce emissions,” Mr Brooksbank said. 

“Hydro Tasmania is as committed to providing the state with renewable energy solutions as it was over 100 years ago.” 

The transport sector is a major contributor to Tasmania’s greenhouse gas emissions. 

Electric vehicles, powered by Tasmania’s renewable energy, have the potential to significantly improve the efficiency of the state’s vehicle fleet, through reduced greenhouse gas emissions and transport costs. 

The economic and environmental benefits of driving electric include reduced fuel costs, higher efficiency, reduced traffic noise, and air quality improvements. 

Tasmanian Premier, Guy Barnett, has commended Hydro Tasmania, saying the remote Waddamana charging station will complement Tasmania’s existing state-wide charging network and make it easier for people to travel the Central Highlands.

“I congratulate Hydro Tasmania for this EV charger initiative and look forward to an increasing number of visitors here to not only learn more about our hydro heritage, but to enjoy charging their car with Tasmania’s clean green electricity,” Mr Barnett said.

“Tasmania’s renewable energy future is bright, and electric vehicles fuelled by our renewable resources is just one example of how we’re applying innovative thinking to modern challenges, just like the renewable energy pioneers did at Waddamana more than 100 years ago.”

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