Antai Solar at All Energy Conference

Antai Solar has announced a new cooperation agreement for 300MW of solar projects and a further strategic partnership at the recent All-Energy Australia Exhibition and Conference, marking a vital breakthrough in the tracking and ground mounting market in Australia.

With their first appearance at All-Energy Australia after two years, Antai signed two significant cooperation agreements which show the steady growth of its business and the importance it places on Australia’s market. The solar projects will be in cooperation with Bison Energy Group (Bison) and its strategic partnership with Green Gold Energy (GGE).

Bison Energy is an international renewable developer and investor. In 2020, Antai and Bison signed a global strategic cooperation agreement that became the basis for this year’s 300MW solar projects cooperation agreement. Under the new agreement, Antai will provide 300MW mounting and tracking systems for Bison’s PV power plants in Australia, Japan and Europe.

Antai’s announcement of a strategic partnership agreement with GGE, a pioneer in the field of renewable energy in South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales, will strengthen their mutual collaboration to achieve efficient and reliable power generation, utilising Antai’s advanced tracking technologies.

Antai Vice President, Lloyd Li, said they were proud to cooperate with Bison and GGE, as both companies have been deeply involved in the solar industry for many years.

“The cooperation between Antai and two industry leaders is a recognition of Antai’s designs, technologies and services. As the leading supplier of the whole industry chain in PV mounting systems, Antai provides innovative technology and quality services enabling partners to develop complicated projects,” Mr Li said.

Australia is one of the most anticipated solar power markets in the world. Since Antai entered the Australian market in 2008, it has set up a subsidiary company in Australia, and has shipped a cumulative 4.3GW of mounting systems in Australia and 24.1GW globally.

In the future, Antai will integrate the resources of every partner and expand areas of cooperation to jointly build more sustainable and valued PV plants around the world to fuel the global zero carbon transition.

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