Western Australia’s energy stakeholder committees have been appointed a new independent chair by the State Government.

Western Australian Energy Minister, Bill Johnston, appointed Sally McMahon as the independent Chair of the Market Advisory Committee, Gas Advisory Board and Pilbara Advisory Committee.

The three groups play an important role in providing advice to the Coordinator of Energy on the evolution of the Wholesale Electricity Market Rules, Gas Services Information Rules and Pilbara Networks Rules. 

They also contribute significantly to rule change proposals and procedure change proposals.

Ms McMahon has 25 years’ experience working in the Australian and Canadian energy sectors, her roles included developing government policy and industry reform, making determinations as a regulator and as an executive for public and private companies, including investment funds.

Ms McMahon is also a member of the Expert Panel for the Western Australian Electricity Review Board and the Technical Panel of Experts for the generator performance standards dispute resolution mechanism in WA’s Wholesale Energy Market.

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