New ACT laboratory to develop renewables technologies

The ACT Government will invest in a new Australian National University (ANU) laboratory to research and develop renewable energy generation technologies. 

The new Distributed Energy Resources Laboratory will develop technology and software to test and monitor renewable energy resources such as solar panels, batteries and wind generators.

It will provide a testing environment for new monitoring devices, smart controllers, energy market models and other innovative products to help drive the rollout of renewables.

The lab will provide ANU students and researchers opportunities to work alongside industry to better align their research and build their skills.

The ACT Government hopes that the lab will also attract industry, network companies and academics around Australia and the world to bring their business, technology and R&D to the ACT. 

Member of the ACT Legislative Assembly, Mick Gentleman, said that figuring out how to most effectively and reliably distribute renewables into our power grid is a key challenge that the government is helping to solve as the ACT draws closer to its 100 per cent renewables target.

 The ACT Government has provided $1.5 million funding for the lab through its Priority Investment Program, which was established to work with industry, research and the tertiary sectors to attract investment and grow established and emerging priority areas of Canberra’s economy.

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