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Energy Networks Australia and the Australian Energy Market Operator have partnered to work on the Open Energy Networks project, which aims to maximise the benefits of integrating new technologies, such as electric vehicles, for consumers.

Open Energy Networks is proposing improving the electricity system to ensure electric vehicles, household solar and storage will work in harmony and delivers the most possible value for all customers.

“Energy networks are already working and innovating to accommodate a future powered by batteries and hydrogen fuel cells,” Energy Networks Australia CEO, Andrew Dillon, said.

“There are huge opportunities with electric vehicles but also significant challenges, which is why planning is already underway by Energy Networks Australia and its members.”

Both hydrogen fuel cell electric and battery electric technologies are likely to play a role in the future of transport with Australia also well positioned to become a major world supplier of hydrogen.

“Energy networks are beginning to test infrastructure and design new systems to handle the increased load of electric vehicles while planning for the hydrogen and electricity charging facilities they will require,” Mr Dillon stated.

“Done well, electric vehicles can significantly increase the utilisation of existing energy network infrastructure, lowering costs for all users.”

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