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The Clean Energy Council has launched its first national campaign, aiming to generate public awareness about renewable energy resource potential in the transition away from fossil fuels.

The campaign, Renewable Energy Is Here Now, is created by The Shannon Company and focuses on the remarkable gains the clean energy industry has already made, and how much renewables can achieve.

The campaign features wind, solar, hydro and batteries with the message, ‘No more yeah buts, renewables are here now’, emphasising clean energy’s contribution of nearly 30 per cent of Australia’s electricity, a figure that’s almost tripled in the last decade.

For many cautious Australians, the fraught debate over climate and energy policy during the last decade has meant they aren’t convinced that Australia can be powered by 100 per cent clean energy. 

The educational campaign is unapologetic in its objective: to convince cautious Australians that a future where we are powered by 100 per cent clean energy is not only possible, the transition is already underway and will benefit us in day-to-day life as well as the planet.

Clean Energy Council Chief Executive, Kane Thornton, said, “There is a clear business case for renewable energy.

“The reality is, we know most Australians support renewable energy, but the climate debate has meant that a minority of loud voices have misled the public, resulting in some Australians feeling uncertain about a future powered by clean energy. 

“This campaign is about ensuring all Australians are certain about the facts and feel part of the exciting transition already taking place.

“Renewable Energy Is Here Now celebrates the work that the clean energy industry has already done to make a real difference to everyday Australians – lowering energy costs, delivering quality jobs and careers, and creating thriving, resilient communities.

“Clean energy isn’t a far-flung concept grounded in science fiction. It is here right now and ready to be plugged in.”

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