The delivery of main turbine components has begun at the Mortlake South Wind Farm construction site, marking an important milestone for the project.

Mortlake South Wind Farm Project Manager, Andrew Tshaikiwsky, said, “The delivery of towers, blades, nacelles and hub components mark the beginning of onsite wind turbine erection and assembly – an exciting milestone for the project.”

Tower sections manufactured in Tasmania are being transported from the Port of Melbourne, whilst the remaining towers are being delivered from Keppel Prince in Portland. 

The blades, nacelles and hub components are being transported from the Port of Portland. As these components are large, they will travel in convoy with escort vehicles. 

Deliveries are scheduled to occur between Monday and Saturday over the coming months, with different components scheduled to arrive at various times of the day.

Due to VicRoads over-dimensional permit requirements, the blades will be travelling at night from the Port of Portland. These components will depart the Port of Portland after 3am and arrive onsite between 6-7am.

“All deliveries will be unloaded during standard site working hours, however people passing through the area may still see lights and movement at the site compound at various hours. The timing of these deliveries will ensure the safety of road users,” Mr Tshaikiwsky said. 

“We also ask all road users to please help keep the community safe by being alert and aware of changed traffic conditions, and adhering to speed limits. 

“Speeding through a work site can be dangerous for both road workers and motorists.” 

The steel towers for the Mortlake South Wind Farm are manufactured in Australia, by Keppel Prince in Portland, and Haywards Steels in Tasmania. 

ACCIONA Energy Australia’s Managing Director, Brett Wickham, said, “ACCIONA are proud to source our steel towers locally, supporting Australian manufacturing and the growth of our local renewable energy capacity.”

With warmer weather approaching, construction will be in full swing over the coming months, with turbine erection and assembly commencing in November and continuing until April 2021. 

For more information on the turbine component delivery timescales and routes (including maps), click here.

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