ABB TVOC-2 Arc Guard System

The occurrence of an arc flash in electrical installations is a serious matter that poses significant risks to both the people and equipment involved. In this situation, the time it takes to detect and interrupt the arc fault is a critical factor which determines the amount of energy released and extent of damage caused. As a market-leader in arc detection technology, ABB has developed the TVOC-2 Arc Guard System™, an optical arc flash detection device with the quickest reaction time available in the market.

The TVOC-2 system functions by detecting the light emitted during an arc flash and sending an immediate signal to the circuit breaker to disconnect power within 1ms. When combined with ABB’s Emax 2 circuit breaker, the total arc fault clearing time is reduced to less than 50ms. ABB’s TVOC-2 Arc Guard System™ is SIL-2 certified according to IEC 61508 and IEC 62062 and has an IP54 protection degree with a HMI touchscreen that can be panel door mounted. It can also be expanded with up to 30 optical sensors for wider coverage and can be remotely monitored via Modbus RTU communication protocol. As an accessory to the TVOC-2, the CSU-2 current sensing unit can detect the current increase associated with an arc flash, preventing any nuisance tripping, making it an even more robust solution. 

Key reasons to invest in the TVOC-2 Arc Guard System™:

  • Saves lives of personnel 
  • Saves equipment
  • Reduces downtime
  • Extends the life of switchgear
  • Reduces repair costs

Overall, the ABB TVOC-2 Arc Guard System™ is a reliable and efficient solution for protecting electrical installations and switchboards against arc flash incidents, significantly reducing the risk of injury, damage to equipment and costly production downtimes.

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