In the Australian energy market, developers often need to navigate the dual challenges of managing projects in remote locations, while ensuring constant, reliable communications with isolated project teams. When managing such projects it’s critical to stay up to date with the latest technology and communication offerings.

Field teams in remote Australia work in some of the most inhospitable, unforgiving environments on earth. The very nature of many energy projects necessitates teams working and travelling through communications blackspots, often housed in temporary sites without any local communications infrastructure or fixed-line internet services.

Both site operations and staff are entirely disconnected from the outside world. Australian Private Networks’ (APN) portable satellite internet connections enable reliable, unlimited data flows to and from remote mining camps anywhere in Australia, with minimal time or effort required to get them set up and online.

Using highly compact, grab-and-go satellite terminals built into 2RU protective cases that connect to the satellite dish, APN’s Comms-on-the-Pause (COTP) solution comes with either automatic or manual alignment functionality to lock onto the satellite connection.

Satellite internet with portability

Mobile teams require compact mobile communications equipment that can be quickly deployed for assignments and quickly disassembled when time to move on. Employing a portable satellite dish and terminal that can be quickly and easily assembled in the field is crucial to the solution’s usability.

Solutions also require flexibility and long-term stability, needing to operate anywhere from a few days to many weeks at a time, or even longer should an assignment be extended.

There is a choice depending on functionality required, with a range of form-factors and mounting options available. The ground-mounted variant has been specifically designed for ease of setup.

With a non-penetrable frame, users can set up the unit on terrain that cannot be drilled or where digging is impractical. This is a common obstacle for contractor teams working on client sites.

For the ability to move on without the need to disassemble a ground-mounting frame, the satellite dish can be mounted to the roof of a crew vehicle or attached to a pole on a trailer (see Figure 1).

Figure 1. A ground-mounted installation requires no digging or fixed structure, perfect for sites and temporary locations where ground tethering or digging is not possible.

For a compact solution that can be quickly and securely transported, the satellite dish can even be mounted and built into a case (see Figure 2). This allows for packing and storage for transport without the risk of damaging the hardware.

Solutions are ideal as an emergency backup for existing networks or satellite phones to guarantee individuals’ coverage while working in the field.

Figure 2. The satellite dish and aligning system can be built into a transportable skid-case for protection of the system during transportation between sites.

Enabling continuous data flows

The ability to communicate data in real time to-and-from remote teams creates the opportunity for a host of new interconnected applications, as well as enabling access to corporate systems through a VPN.

Offering unlimited data, custom contention rates and typical connections of 30Mbps download and 5Mbps upload, APN’s portable solutions support the ever-growing requirement for simultaneous data, voice and video connections.

Clients can tailor costs and speeds to their specific requirements by controlling the number of users assigned to a dedicated data pipe.

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