For owners and operators of wind turbines, maintaining the integrity of these giant pieces of machinery is a considerable challenge. Fortunately, there are a few key tricks of the trade that can make the challenge one that can be easily managed.

The Svendborg Brakes Holographic Fingerprint label.

The primary function of wind turbine rotor brakes is to prevent the rotor from turning while the turbine is in idle mode or during an emergency.

It is important to keep these brakes well maintained to help prevent damage to expensive drivetrain components, as well as providing a level of safety for maintenance and service teams. As a general rule, brakes should be inspected at least once every year.

However, if turbines have demanding operating schedules, the maintenance interval may need to be shortened, as brake parts tend to wear out based on frequency of use.

Visual inspection

A careful visual inspection of the brake pads is important, since minimum required thickness of the friction material and a consistent pad wear pattern allow the brake to provide and apply full torque, without slipping on the brake disc.

The brake caliper and hydraulic system should also be checked for any damaged hoses or oil leaks. Sliding rods (if on brake) should move freely and pad retracting springs should be functioning properly.

While inspecting the rotor brake system, the same attention should be given to the yaw brake system. If caliper-based, the process of replacing yaw brake pads has been made considerably easier with the introduction of a new lifting tool.

This time-saving device can be used by a single service technician to lower the brake caliper to the floor for easy inspection and brake pad replacement, and then for lifting the caliper in place.

Product and services selection

Svendborg Brakes, Stromag, Twiflex, Ameridrives and Warner Electric are the five brands that sit within the Altra Renewable Energy family.

Between these five brands, Altra Motion Australia is able to provide a wide range of products, services and solutions to support the global renewable energy market.

As industry leaders in power transmission and motion control products, Altra Motion offers critical wind turbine drivetrain solutions, including rotor and yaw braking systems.

Importantly, all Altra Motion products are backed by a genuine spare parts guarantee. In addition to this, many parts manufactured by Svendborg Brakes can be instantly and easily authenticated thanks to their unique Holographic Fingerprint label.

When the label is scanned in the Svendborg Brakes app, users can confirm that the components of the part in question are genuine.

Experience and expertise

The company also offers training, technical support, scheduled maintenance, 24/7 global service support and upgrades as well as manufacturing long-lasting genuine spare parts, including calipers, brake pads, seal kits and sensors for all their brake brands.

Utilising genuine replacement parts optimises brake performance and extends component life.

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