LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) could lead us into a lower emissions future. Why? It’s a lower carbon alternative to natural gas. LPG has a low carbon to hydrogen ratio, resulting in much less carbon dioxide produced when burnt. Amidst the potential for further government regulations and international carbon tariffs, LPG could be an ideal option for your business. 

Elgas is a renowned and trusted supplier of LPG in Australia. With a commitment to delivering high energy-efficient fuel to homes and industries throughout the country. 

LPG is such a versatile and easily transportable fuel that the benefits can be applied to various industries. It’s an energy option that can be used to power transport, commercial drying & heating or even hot water solutions. Or let Elgas establish the most efficient on-site refuelling options for your forklift fleet. Whatever your energy needs, Elgas will help your business where it matters most. In a nutshell, LPG is easy to store, portable and accessible, and the possibilities for application are almost endless. 

As part of its Sustainability Goals, Elgas is committed to delivering its customers efficient energy alongside a more sustainable future for our environment. This promise has led the company to work closely with the government and industry to help support a smoother transition to a low emissions tomorrow. 

Businesses will achieve their sustainability goals with a helping hand from Elgas. With the company delivering a secure LPG supply, carbon offsetting options and diesel to LPG conversions for its customers. LPG produces 45 per cent less carbon dioxide and pollutants than diesel and thus is a cleaner fuel alternative. Elgas can support you as you transition your stationary engines to LPG, the lower carbon option. 

Look to LPG to make your transition to cleaner energy effortless. It delivers emissions reductions of up to 50 per cent for coal users and other heavy carbon-emitting fuels such as fuel oil and diesel. In addition, Elgas offers Carbon Offsetting and provides businesses with a framework within which they can easily purchase carbon credits. Elgas invests these credits into sustainable local carbon capture and reduction projects and helps support a better tomorrow. 

Elgas is also leading the way with the development of renewable gas. The goal is to be producing 100 per cent rLPG (Renewable LPG) for all its customers by 2040. rLPG represents a new vision for renewable energy and could be distributed through an existing supply chain with no extra upgrade costs.

There are plenty of benefits to rLPG. The key advantage is reduced carbon, particulate, and NOx emissions compared to solid and liquid fossil fuels. rLPG liquefies at a lower pressure at room temperature than hydrogen or biomethane, which allows for convenient and cost-effective distribution and simple storage solutions in off-grid applications. 

A sustainable mindset underlies all of Elgas’ work. Global standards are upheld across their value chain, and due diligence processes are put in place. These reduce the likelihood of environmental violations across all prospective acquisitions and joint ventures. It’s energy efficiency combined with peace of mind. 

Visit Elgas to discover how it can support your business to thrive and expand.

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  1. Steve Green 8 months ago

    hi – I’m interested in LPG.
    Can you tell me how to convert litres of LPG to kWh?

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