Loy Yang power station outage to extend for months


AGL Energy’s Loy Yang A power station has experienced an outage which is now expected to extend over seven months due to consequential damage.

Unit 2 of the power station has been out of service since 18 May 2019 following an electrical short internal to the generator. Consequently, the stator and rotor components were then damaged.

AGL’s initial expectation was that it would take between two to four months to return the Unit to service, pending results of internal generator inspections.

Following rotor removal and cleaning, further technical assessments revealed a more extensive level of damage than was previously assessed, the full impact of which has now been determined.

AGL now expects it may take until December 2019 to return the Unit to service and ensure its ongoing reliability. This duration of repair reflects the unique original technical design specifications of the Unit and the extent of damage.


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