The CSIRO has released a Low Emissions Technology Roadmap, outlining a range of possible future technology pathways.

The Federal Government tasked the CSIRO to develop a Low Emissions Technology Roadmap to highlight areas of potential growth in Australia’s clean technology sector, map the development of new emissions reduction technologies, and identify opportunities to be part of future global energy supply chains.

The CSIRO Low Emissions Technology Roadmap explores major shifts in electricity generation and energy use in buildings, industry and transport out to 2050. In doing so it makes clear that there are a range of possible future technology pathways, and that each of them presents its own challenges and opportunities.

The Roadmap identifies a series of actions for consideration by government and industry, aimed at maximising the opportunities of the transition to a lower emissions economy.

The Roadmap is optimistic about the opportunities for Australia, with its key finding that Australia is endowed with some of the world’s best energy resources, has good skills in low emissions technologies, strong institutions, and trading relationships with big energy consumers.

The Government will consider the implications of the Roadmap as part of its response to the Independent Review into the Future Security of the National Electricity Market and the 2017 review of climate policies.

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