Expanding and geographically diverse renewable energy generation is creating challenges for grid stability. One engineering solution is dusting off what is considered an old technology via the application of inertive power through synchronous condensers. A large synchronous condenser has not been installed in Australia for many years and this is the challenge VINCI Energies’ Electrix Australia has undertaken.

In partnership with Siemens, mobilisation has now commenced for the engineering and assembly work for the engineering, procurement and construction of the Total Eren Kiamal 256MW Solar Farm, the largest in the state commencing operation in Q3.

The project has been developed by Total Eren, a leading French-based renewable energy Independent Power Producer (IPP).

Located near Ouyen in north west Victoria, the synchronous condenser will contribute to the protection of the electricity grid connected to the Kiamal Solar Farm.

As Australia’s energy mix diversifies so does the importance of this proven technology to help stabilise our grid with economic and environmental advantages.

Tony Croagh, Managing Director, VINCI Energies’ Electrix Australia, said, “This project, which has been very carefully and diligently developed by Total Eren, is of great significance to VINCI Energies in the region as it solidifies its strategic vision of growth for its renewable energy contracting services.

“This project highlights the strength of bringing VINCI Energies’ and Siemens’ international expertise as well as local knowledge together to offer world-class solutions to an increasingly international client base in the energy sector in Australia.”

Michael Vawser, Regional Director for Total Eren, stated, “VINCI Energies and Siemens have worked around the clock to provide Total Eren with this solution – we now look forward to watching it take shape on the ground.”

Global climate change poses new challenges for power generation and transmission and VINCI Energies’ Electrix Australia is delighted to be supporting a global leading IPP such as Total Eren with renewable energy projects and contributing to the security of the evolving National Electricity Market in Australia.

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