Kogan Energy officially launched

Kogan.com has officially launched its new energy service Kogan Energy, which will be powered by Meridian Energy, a subsidiary of Powershop Australia. 

Kogan Energy enters the competitive retailer space with a different pricing model, comprised of a “per day” charge plus a “per amount used” charge.

Residential customers in Victoria, New South Wales, South East Queensland and South Australia can now switch to Kogan Energy for power, and gas is also available to customers in Victoria.

Once connected, Kogan Energy customers can monitor their power and gas usage and pay bills through one easy-to-use mobile app.

Meridian Energy is Australasia’s largest generator of renewable energy and owns and operates wind farms and hydro power stations. Meridian Energy’s subsidiary Powershop will provide backend and system support for Kogan Energy customers. 

Executive Director of Kogan.com., David Shafer, said, “Kogan.com works tirelessly to deliver better value to Aussies on essential goods and services that are part of everyday life. 

“Kogan Energy is helping Aussies keep more of their hard earned money by delivering exceptional prices on these vital services.

“This is complemented by an easy-to-use online platform and mobile app to help people monitor and take control of their energy usage.”

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