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SIMEC Energy Australia (SEA), a member of GFG Alliance, will partner with Shanghai Electric for the construction of the Cultana Solar Farm in South Australia.

The agreement was signed by GFG Alliance Executive Chairman and CEO, Sanjeev Gupta, and President of Shanghai Electric, Huang Ou, in the presence of representatives from key supporting financial institutions.

The Cultana Solar Farm is the first project of SIMEC Energy Australia’s 1GW dispatchable renewable energy program in South Australia.

With capacity of 280MW, Cultana is expected to produce around 600GWh of energy per year, powering GFG’s Whyalla Steelworks and a range of key government and commercial customers.

Set to be one of Australia’s largest solar farms, Cultana will deliver a range of benefits to the local community, increasing reliability and security of the state’s electricity supply and environmental benefits. The project is set to boost local employment, with 350 positions during construction.

Mr Gupta said “Cultana Solar Farm is an ambitious project that will deliver globally-competitive renewable energy on a large scale to power-heavy industry. It is a great step forward in our vision to revitalise industry and we look forward to working with our partners to bring our renewables projects to life.”

GFG previously announced its ambition to invest in up to 10GW of large-scale solar and other renewables projects across Australia, supporting industry.

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  1. Daryl 5 years ago

    More Imports, when will we learn to use Australian made products,
    We killed the Automotive industry in Australia, and this is exactly why.
    We need to stop buying overseas products.

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