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Work has commenced on the first of Western Australia’s $3.8 billion large-scale battery projects, which will deliver the state’s biggest battery. 

Synergy has installed the massive 100 to 200 megawatt hour battery’s first units in Kwinana, with over 600 battery units set to be installed over approximately eight weeks.

Western Australian Premier, Mark McGowan, said the  large-scale battery storage will help provide long-term system stability, and support the uptake of more renewables in the South West Interconnected System as WA transitions towards net zero emissions by 2050. 

“The big battery forms part of our commitment to net zero emissions by 2050, and will support the transition of WA’s electricity grid to higher levels of renewables and storage,” Mr McGowan said. 

“The installation of the battery units will take around eight weeks, and has created close to 140 jobs during the construction phase.

“I want to acknowledge NHOA – which is delivering the big battery – for their confidence and investment in Western Australia, by establishing its regional headquarters here in Perth. I recently visited their head office and thanked them for their support.

“Their energy management and solutions expertise, coupled with the fact that WA is unique in its energy security – sets us apart from the rest of the country.”

The big battery will absorb excess energy from rooftop solar when the sun is shining, and demand is low – then discharge when it is most needed, during the late afternoon and evening peak.

The battery will have the capacity to power 160,000 homes for up to two hours and it will provide valuable learnings towards other large-scale battery storage projects earmarked for the next five years. 

Western Australian Energy Minister, Bill Johnson said the project is the first step to securing the state’s renewable energy future. 

“Increasing energy storage over the next decade will be crucial to addressing system security risks, such as high levels of rooftop solar generation, and ensuring reliable power supply to Western Australia’s main electricity grid,” Mr Johnston said. 

“The lithium-ion iron phosphate big battery will be the size of one-and-a-half soccer fields, and will be connected to the Western Power network.

“Synergy is also implementing a battery management system, to optimise its performance and longevity.”

Member for Kwinana, Roger Cook, said he was pleased that the region is playing a key role in Western Australia’s energy transformation. 

“This is another significant stride into the future for the Kwinana industrial area, and the local community,” Mr Cook said. 

“The technology and expertise in Kwinana makes huge contributions to the State’s economy. 

“But on top of this, Kwinana is also playing a key role in the energy transformation of our State.”

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  1. Weis Lee 2 years ago

    That is a great news, LiFePO4 is a safest chemistry for energy storage project.

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