The energy transition is happening, and it is happening fast. Yet challenges remain as we race at unprecedented speed to deliver our targets. A changing energy generation mix, ongoing decentralisation of the grid, and shifting consumption patterns, demand a coordinated approach from utility companies, energy infrastructure asset owners, users and partners.

Transmission and distribution companies are planning once in a lifetime builds to connect >40GW of new generating capacity across the National Energy Market in the next decade. At the same time, distribution providers are responding to growing maximum demand, reverse power flows created by rooftop solar and increasing levels of electrification across networks.

Transforming the transition with talent

Through all this, the test facing organisations is exploring how to identify and bring the right partners and talent together to drive a successful transition. The skills required to lead the transition – including engineers, electricians and project managers – have never been in higher demand.

Organisations that can train and retain key talent and manage a coordinated multifaceted workforce will be sought after. “Resources and innovation will make or break the transition,” Ventia Executive General Manager for Energy Networks and Renewables, Agathe Gross, said. “We need to develop, plan and manage critical resources, like engineers, to design efficient connections to the grid for renewable assets.

“Linespeople and electricians are needed to build and augment distribution and transmission networks to facilitate connections and technicians to maintain operating assets. “It is estimated that the workforce will need to almost triple to meet the pipeline of work, and that is just for renewables. “Innovation will also be a strategic enabler to deliver the work in an effective manner.”

Growing with industry

For more than 60 years, Ventia has been a trusted partner to some of Australia and New Zealand’s largest energy providers, users and asset owners. Ventia partners with utility infrastructure owners to drive operating efficiency, safety, and reliability, as well as assuring the ongoing value of energy assets.

“We’ve developed extensive capabilities and, to respond to their ambitious plans, we aim to grow in partnership with our clients,” Ms Gross said. “This includes everything from design and construction of substations, design and construction on underground and overhead transmission and distribution networks, through to extensive operations and maintenance expertise.

“Our operations and maintenance skills are being successfully applied across wind and solar generation assets and this is something we’re keen to grow. “We’re not just about field related offerings, we provide services 24 hours a day and seven days a week to our clients where we supervise, monitor and manage a broad range of assets leveraging our state-of-the-art Ventia Operations Centre.”

The trusted partnership between Ventia and clients also creates an environment to tackle complex challenges together. “For example, Transpower in New Zealand will require a significant increase in their workforce over the next five or more years, to support their national grid infrastructure work which is key for increased electrification,” Ms Gross said.

“Ventia, along with other providers, are working with Transpower to ensure we attract and develop the workforce required and retain our existing skilled people, to deliver on the programmes of work. “Our industry knowledge, technical capability and smart asset management methodologies also allow us to offer intelligent solutions and expertise to clients.”

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