by Heidi Breen, CEO H2Q

MCI Events and H2Q embarked on a mammoth research task to unravel the complex hydrogen society dilemmas and delve into the issues that are keeping more than 100 executives awake at night. 

There are clear leaders benefiting already, and other laggards citing their legitimate hesitancy and concerns which include (amongst others): lack of regulatory certainty, switching costs, operational and safety risks, organisational and infrastructure readiness, and insufficient incentives with certificate of origin requisites and benefits still unclear. They want answers. Can hydrogen give them what they want, when they want it, and at the right price?

Tackling challenges, scaling up and securing offtake for a price-competitive, demand-driven hydrogen economy in Australia

All of the above. This is what keeps the hydrogen community awake at night. Yet they remain resolute in overcoming the associated problems to achieve 2050 zero emission ambitions with reliability. 

The Good News: Smart and ambitious industry players with ideal infrastructure for hydrogen production, generation, distribution and domestic offtake, fuelled with opportunity

Dr Andrew Dicks, Advisor to the Board, Lion Energy Limited; Convener of Australian Hydrogen Research Network, CSIRO; Adjunct Principal Research Fellow, Queensland Micro- and Nanotechnology Centre Griffith University, said, “There has been a seismic shift in the Australian Hydrogen Economy, with home-grown local technology featuring more prominently to deliver storage, distribution and production solutions and services for upstream, midstream and downstream players.”

Industry stakeholders are relatively unanimous, confirming good progress has been achieved with:

  • Robust plans and a collaborative commitment for common shared infrastructure hubs, and clusters
  • Potential to grow local manufacturing opportunities exponentially
  • Companies reaping the zero emission benefits of hydrogen already
  • Willingness and salient technology to adapt existing storage and pipeline infrastructure to suit hydrogen distribution needs
  • The hydrogen highway is fast becoming a reality for long haulage transport.
  • And more…

The Bad News: What the industry needs? 

Other proponents suggest, that whilst hydrogen has a big place in the Australian energy economy, and is key to achieving 2050 zero emission ambitions, it has a long way to go, with some serious challenges to:

  • Achieve a competitive price point
  • Determine clear and unambiguous policies, plans, rebates and incentives to activate end-user uptake from more diverse industries
  • Compete globally with appropriate grants and incentives
  • Compete with other renewables in terms of price, safety and technology
  • Promulgate some 700 plus hydrogen fit-for-purpose regulations and standards
  • Unravel the “known unknowns” that could disrupt the transitions required

Finding the key to unlocking the supply value chain to produce, transport and distribute clean hydrogen at an elusive competitive price point

The industry suggests it is time to go beyond broad ambition and to now make these audacious ambitions a reality. To tackle the challenges of scaling up, securing investment and offtake, and achieving competitive pricing, MCI Events and H2Q have crafted a compelling program with an impressive line-up of speakers. 

Renata Berglas, H2Q Chair, said, “Action is what drives our ethos and as an industry/policy influencer we are taking ownership of the conversation.”

About Hydrogen Connect Summit 2022

WHAT: An official summit by the industry for the industry

WHERE: Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre


07 September:  Pre-Summit Workshop and Tech-Tours: 

Lessons to Learn to Immerse Delegates in their Specific Area of Interest

08 & 09 September: Summit Keynotes, Panel Discussions and Corporate Practitioner Presentations

  • DAY 1: National and State Initiatives to Accelerate a Demand-Driven Hydrogen Economy in Australia to Serve Global and Domestic Markets
  • DAY 2:  Visionary Commitments and Industry Generation, Transmission, Storage and Distribution Best Practices, Fuelled with Opportunities for Manufacturers, Investors, Generators, Distributors and Offtakers


To find out more visit.


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