The members of the Horizon Power Customer Council

Horizon Power has announced a new forum through which the company will collaborate with customers and stakeholders to provide quality energy services for Western Australia. 

The Horizon Power Customer Council will help members to have a voice to represent their local community, including those in regional, remote and vulnerable circumstances, and inform Horizon Power’s decision-making.

The Horizon Power Customer Council, which held its inaugural meeting on 23 June at Horizon Power’s Bentley office in Perth, will enable the organisation to receive more direct feedback from its customers and to explore strategic issues and hear community expectations.

This forum will support the business’s obligations as a signatory of the Energy Charter and play an important role in the development of this year’s Disclosure Report

The Council will provide practical insights and guidance through to the executive and board levels of the business to progress the delivery of energy solutions for regional growth and vibrant communities. 

The Customer Council members include customers from the Kimberley, Mid West/Gascoyne, and Esperance/Goldfields regions and stakeholder groups representing the regional business community as well as customers facing vulnerable circumstances.

Members include: 

  • Chris Mitchell, Kimberley 
  • Justin Lee, Menzies
  • Connor Davies, Esperance
  • Kitty Prodonovich, CEO Regional Chamber Commerce and Industry Western Australia
  • Graham Hansen, Western Australian Council of Social Service
  • Brent Savage, Energy Policy Western Australia
  • Stephanie Unwin, Horizon Power’s CEO 
  • Krystal Skinner, Executive General Manager, Customer & Community
  • Louisa Frome, Senior Manager, Marketing and Insights

Horizon Power customers live and work across 2.3 million square kilometres, which makes the energy provider responsible for delivering energy solutions across the largest geographical catchment of any Australian power provider.

Horizon Power CEO, Stephanie Unwin, said the Council would play a critical role as Horizon Power supported the unique needs of some of the most remote communities in the world. 

“The energy industry is going through such rapid change, and it is vital that we have a strong connection with our customers, so they are well informed but also have a voice on projects and issues that matter to them and their community.”

Ms Unwin said the Council will provide practical advice and guidance to Horizon Power on customer and broader community issues so the organisation can enhance its support for them and promote continuous improvement.

“We are proud to be delivering innovative, renewable energy solutions to support regional growth and vibrant communities and this initiative will help us to gather valuable feedback on these key projects and strategies under development.”

Regional Chamber Commerce and Industry Western Australia CEO, Kitty Prodonovich, said the Customer Council was a valuable and important Council for RCCIWA to be a member of, and it looks forward to contributing strongly on behalf of its members.

“Ensuring regional businesses’, particularly small to medium businesses’ voices, are heard is crucial as they are the vital beating heart of all regional communities.”

Customer Council member and resident of Menzies, Justin Lee, said he embraced the opportunity to be part of strengthening the vision of a service orientated organisation with a focus on renewable energy and a carbon neutral future.

Featured image: The members of the Horizon Power Customer Council. Image credit: Horizon Power.

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