SolarReserve has signed a Heritage Agreement with the native titleholders for the Aurora Solar Energy Project, north of Port Augusta.

The agreement with the Barngarla Determination Aboriginal Corporation establishes a long-term relationship as part of the development, construction and operation of the $650 million Aurora Solar Energy Project.  

In a statement explaining the protection delivered through the aboriginal heritage agreement, SolarReserve Senior VP (Development), Tom Georgis, said the company will work together with the Barngarla People to deliver the Aurora project with the least impact on Aboriginal heritage.

“This is the start of a strong ongoing partnership, which recognises the importance of Aboriginal heritage in developing large-scale projects,” Mr Georgis said.

SolarReserve will also incorporate cultural awareness training as part of the induction program for its contractors, subcontractors and employees.

The Barngarla Determination Aboriginal Corporation Board recognises that the project will bring clean renewable energy as well as jobs and other economic benefits to the community.

After completion in 2020, the plant will generate 150MW of electricity with the molten salt storage tanks storing an equivalent of 1100MWh generation, or about eight hours at 135MW load.

The plant will also generate in excess of 495GWh annually, which is the equivalent to 3.8 per cent of the state’s annual energy consumption of 12,934GWh (recorded in 2015–16).

Developments are already underway and construction of the thermal power plant is expected to begin in February 2018.

SolarReserve’s Development Application for the Aurora Solar Energy Project to the South Australian Government is currently under assessment. 

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