GridBeyond has launched its new platform capability ‘Forecaster’ which helps businesses to manage risks and increase revenues. The new service, which will be available in Australia from 1 October, is part of GridBeyond’s award winning asset management and optimisation solution suite. It offers a comprehensive approach to managing and monetising energy assets, from accurate forecasts, advanced trading strategies, and real-time analysis, through to robotic trading and asset optimisation and control, to increase margins, optimise financial returns, and manage risk in the energy market.

Forecaster is the first of GridBeyond’s new suite of services soon to be available in Australia’s National Electricity Market (NEM). This suite includes: ‘Baseline’ – for monitoring and visualising site and organisation-wide energy consumption and associated emissions in real-time; ‘Designer’ – which leverages AI to optimise prospective energy investments for profitability and sustainability; and Managed Battery as a Service – for battery energy storage monetisation with real-time market optimisation.

Since the acquisition of California based Veritone Business Energy Inc earlier in 2023, GridBeyond has been working to deliver and improve a range of new products and services. By increasing the accuracy and ability of its forecasting models, Forecaster can help businesses to maximise revenues, manage risks and support companies towards their net zero path.

GridBeyond Chief Commercial Officer, Mark Davis, said that the Australian energy sector is going through many changes, with the renewables sector growing at a fast speed. 

“There is a lot of interest around distributed energy resources and how these can be used,” Mr Davis said. 

“That goes from businesses renewables assets to rooftop solar, batteries and EVs, which can be managed via GridBeyond’s AI-powered platform to allow businesses and other energy stakeholders to protect themselves from energy price spikes, and also earn money from energy markets. 

“Forecaster can help to optimise energy use and consumption, maximising revenues and reducing carbon emissions.”

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