Applications are now open for $20 million in grant funding to support the design and delivery of the Hume Hydrogen Highway. 

Co-funded by the Victorian and NSW Governments, and located along Australia’s busiest freight corridor, the highway will be the country’s first ever renewable hydrogen highway.

The highway aims to drive widespread commercial uptake of renewable hydrogen in the heavy transport sector and will generate new jobs and investment in both states, building local knowledge, skills, infrastructure and supply chains. 

Successful applicants will be commissioned to build at least four refuelling stations along the Highway and approximately 25 hydrogen-powered trucks.

Transport is one of Australia’s largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions, accounting for 25 per cent of Victoria’s total carbon footprint.

Renewable hydrogen shows strong potential to be cost competitive with diesel – which currently powers most of Victoria’s freight industry.

Victorian Minister for Energy and Minister of Environment and Climate Action, Lily D’Ambrosio, said the project will be a major step on the road to reaching the Government’s net-zero target. 

“Australia’s busiest corridor is the perfect place to kickstart the transition to a zero-emission freight sector,” Ms D’Ambrosio said. 

“The renewable hydrogen highway will create new jobs, drive investment across the east coast and is a landmark step towards meeting Victoria’s target to halve emissions by 2030 as we work towards net-zero by 2050.”

The Victorian, NSW and Queensland Governments will collaborate on the development of the renewable hydrogen highway by 2026, focusing on the Hume Highway, the Pacific Highway and the Newell Highway.

NSW Treasurer and Minister for Energy, Matt Kean, said the project is just the beginning of wide-ranging investments and collaboration in hydrogen trucking. 

“The Hume Hydrogen Highway will provide a replicable and scalable solution that will determine the future rollout of a state-wide hydrogen refuelling network,” Mr Kean said. 

“What we’re looking for is strong industry collaboration between refuelling station operators, fleet operators, truck manufacturers, major freight customers, and other entities which will be vital to the success of the initiative.”

Grant applications close 21 October 2022. The successful applicant must enter into a joint funding agreement with both Governments. For more, visit:

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