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The Tasmanian Gas Industry and Gas Safety Bill has been successfully passed by both houses of Government. The bill cuts red tape and streamlines the administration of Tasmania’s gas supply industry, reducing costs and improving safety.

The reforms, which will replace the current Gas Act 2000 and Gas Pipelines Act 2000, ensure best practice regulation across gas infrastructure, installations and appliances. This will lead to cost savings and improved safety in the industry, putting further downward pressure on prices for business and residential customers.

This Bill provides continuity to industry and business, removes unwarranted regulatory burden and underpins confidence in our economy, which is in the best interests of Tasmania as Gas remains an important energy source for the State and is a significant cost of living issue for many Tasmanian households and businesses.

The reforms also create a recourse for customers who have been refused supply due to existing bad debt or their previous credit rating.

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