Australian materials technology company, Tagla Resources, has achieved a breakthrough in battery technology, subjecting batteries to freezing temperature (0°C) and retaining one hundred per cent capacity and cycle efficiency.

The tests we conducted with Li-ion batteries using Talnode-C. These batteries usually suffer lower capacity retention and cycling efficiency when exposed to freezing conditions, causing shorter runtime.

Cold temperatures can also cause deposits of lithium metal to form in the battery, causing internal short circuits that can lead to fire in the cell, making low temperature performance a critical technical deliverable for Li-ion batteries. Investigation found that cold winter overnight temperatures fostered lithium plating within the battery cells and caused the short circuits.

Talga Managing Director, Mark Thompson said “These results show Talnode-C has the potential to solve problems that have long challenged Li-ion batteries in cold weather applications, where conventional graphite anodes struggle or fail to perform.”

It is expected that Talnode-C, a fully engineered and formulated active anode-ready product, will be marketed directly towards Li-ion battery manufacturers.

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